Licensed Producers

Below is a list of Health Canada authorized licensed producers of medical cannabis

Getting cannabis from a licensed producer (Government of Canada publication) 

Updated: January 8th, 2019.

Name & Website (linked) Phone Number Plants / Dried License Fresh / Oil License Starting Material for Sale Strain & Product Information
0957102 B.C. Ltd. Cultivation
0989561 B.C. Ltd. Cultivation
1955625 Ontario Inc. 1-855-420-7887 Sale & Cultivation Sale & Production
2605837 Ontario Inc.
7 Acres Sale & Cultivation
9354-7537 Quebec Inc.
AAA Heidelberg Inc. Cultivation Production
Abba Medix Corp. Cultivation Production
ABcann Medicinals Inc. 1-855-322-2266 Sale & Cultivation Production
Abide Inc.
A B Laboratories 1-800-181-1818 Sale & Cultivation
Acreage Pharms Ltd. Sale & Cultivation Production
AgMedica Bioscience Inc. 1.844.247.4633 Sale & Cultivation Production
Agrima Botanicals Corp. Cultivation Production
Agri-Médic ASP Inc. Cultivation
Agripharm Corp. (705) 466-3445 Sale & Cultivation Sale & Production
Agro-Biotech Inc. Cultivation
Agro-Greens Natural Products Ltd. (639) 398-2244 Cultivation Production
Alberta Craft Cannabis Inc. Cultivation
Aleafia Farms Inc. Sale & Cultivation
Aphria 1-844-427-4742 Sale & Cultivation Sale & Production
Aqualitas Inc. 1 844 268-2761 Cultivation
ARA – Avanti Rx Analytics Inc.
AtlantiCann Medical Inc. Cultivation
Atlas Growers Ltd. Cultivation Production Details >
Aurora Cannabis Enterprises Inc. 1-844-928-7672 Sale & Cultivation Sale & Production Plants
Avana Canada Inc Cultivation
BC Tweed Joint Venture Inc. Cultivation
Bedrocan Canada Inc. 1-855-420-7887 Sale & Cultivation Sale & Production
BeeHigh Vital Elements Inc. 709-660-8201 Cultivation
Beleave Kannabis Corp. Sale & Cultivation Production
Bliss Co Holdings Ltd Cultivation Production
Bloom Cultivation Ltd. Cultivation
Bloomera Inc. 1-855-998-4703 Cultivation
Boaz Pharmaceuticals Inc. Cultivation Production
Bonify Medical Cannabis 1 844 586 3556 Sale & Cultivation
Breathing Green Solutions Inc. 1-902-222-8839 Cultivation
Broken Coast Cannabis Ltd. 1-888-486-7579 Sale & Cultivation Sale & Production
Canada\'s Island Garden Inc. 1-844-470-5500 Sale & Cultivation Sale & Production
Canna Farms Ltd. 1-855-882-0988 Sale & Cultivation Sale & Production Plants
Cannacure Corporation Cultivation Production
CanniMed Ltd. 1-855-787-1577 Sale Sale
CannMart Inc. Cultivation Production
CannTrust Inc. 1-855-794-2266 Sale & Cultivation Sale & Production Seeds
CannTx Life Sciences Inc. Cultivation Production
Canveda Inc. Cultivation
Dalton Chemical Laboratories Inc.
DelShen Therapeutics Corp. 416.639.5891 ext. 301 Sale & Cultivation
Delta 9 Bio-Tech Inc. 1-855-245-1259 Sale & Cultivation Production Plants
DOJA Cannabis Ltd. Sale & Cultivation
Dosecann LD Inc.
Emblem Cannabis Corp. 1-844-546-3633 Sale & Cultivation Sale & Production
Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc. 1-800-757-3536 Sale & Cultivation Sale & Production
Emerald Plant Health Source (E.P.H.S) Inc. Cultivation Production
Evergreen Medicinal Supply Inc. 250 213-9932 Sale & Cultivation Production
Experion Biotechnologies Inc. Sale & Cultivation
Fleurish Cannabis Inc. Cultivation Production
Folium Life Science Inc. Cultivation Production
FV Pharma Inc. (905) 686-7079 Cultivation
Goldleaf Pharm Inc. Cultivation Production
Good & Green Cultivation Production
Green Relief Inc. 1-855-841-2009 Sale & Cultivation Sale & Production
Greenseal Cannabis Company Ltd. Cultivation
Good Buds Company Inc. Cultivation Production
High Park Farms Ltd. Cultivation
Highland Grow Inc. Cultivation
Hollyweed Manufacturing & Extracts Inc. Sale & Cultivation Sale & Production
HEXO 1-844-406-1852 Sale & Cultivation Sale & Production
HydRx Farms Ltd. +1 844-493-7922 Cultivation
Indiva Inc. Sale & Cultivation
IsoCanMed Inc. Cultivation
James E. Wagner Cultivation Ltd. Sale & Cultivation Production
Kolab Project Inc. Sale & Cultivation Sale & Production
Les Serres Vert Cannabis Inc. Cultivation
Lupos (Canada) Biotechnology Inc.
MariCann Inc. 1-844-627-4226 Sale & Cultivation Sale & Production Plants
Medical Cannabis by Shoppers Drug Mart Inc. Sale Sale
Medical Marijuana Group Corporation 1-844-312-5143 Cultivation
Medical Saints Cultivation
Medical Organic Inc. Cultivation
MediPharm Labs Inc. Production
MEDISUN Inc. Cultivation Production
MEDIWANNA Cultivation
MedReleaf 1-855-473-5323 Sale & Cultivation Sale & Production
Muskoka Grown Limited Cultivation
Natura Naturals Inc. Cultivation
Natural Med Company 1-855-628-6337 Sale & Cultivation
Northern Vine Canada Inc.
Northern Green Canada Inc. 905-235-0348 Cultivation Production
OrganiGram Inc. 1-855-961-9420 Sale & Cultivation Sale & Production
Original BC Ltd. 1-800-420-1707 Sale & Cultivation
Peace Naturals Project Inc 1-888-647-3223 Sale & Cultivation Sale & Production Plants
PhyeinMed Inc. Cultivation
Potanicals Green Growers Inc. 778-479-2030 Sale & Cultivation Sale
Prairie Plant Systems Inc. (306) 975-1207 Cultivation Production
Pure Sunfarms Canada Corp. Sale & Cultivation
PureSinse Inc. Cultivation
Quality Green Inc. Cultivation
Radicle Medical Marijuana Inc. Cultivation
Radient Technologies (Cannabis) Inc.
RedeCan Pharm 1-905-892-6788 Sale & Cultivation Sale & Production
Royalmax Biotechnology Canada Inc. Cultivation
Saltspring Island BotaniMed Inc. Cultivation
Seven Leaf Med. Cultivation Production
Speciality Medijuana Products Inc. Cultivation
Spectrum Cannabis Canada Ltd. 1-844-638-8786 Sale & Cultivation Sale & Production
Starseed Medicinal Inc. Sale & Cultivation Sale & Production
Sundial Growers Inc. 403-948-5227 Sale & Cultivation
SynFine Research Limited
Tantalus Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Sale & Cultivation
TerrAscend Canada 1-844-976-5223 Sale & Cultivation Production
THC Biomed Ltd. 1.844.842.6337 Sale & Cultivation Sale & Production Plants
The Flowr Group (Okanagan) Inc. Sale & Cultivation
The Green Organic Dutchman Ltd. (905) 304-4201 Sale & Cultivation Production
Thrive Cannabis Cultivation
Tidal Health Solutions Ltd. Cultivation Production
Tilray 1-844-845-7291 Sale & Cultivation Sale & Production
Toronto Research Chemicals Inc.
Toronto Herbal Remedies Inc. Cultivation
Tweed Farms Inc. Sale & Cultivation
Tweed Grasslands Cannabis Inc. Sale & Cultivation
Tweed Inc. 1-855-558-9333 Sale & Cultivation Sale & Production Seeds
United Greeneries Inc. 250-597-0055 Sale & Cultivation
UP Cannabis Inc. Sale & Cultivation Sale & Production
Valens Agritech Ltd. Cultivation Production
Vert Cannabis Inc. Sale & Cultivation
Vintages Organic Cannabis Company Inc. Cultivation
Viridis Natural Health Products Ltd. Cultivation
We Grow BC Ltd. Cultivation Production
WeedMD 1-844-933-3636 Sale & Cultivation Production Plants
Weed Me Inc. Cultivation
Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp. 1-604-962-3440 Sale & Cultivation Sale & Production Plants
WILL Cannabis Group Cultivation
Zenabis Ltd. 1855-ZEN-ABIS Sale & Cultivation
Zenalytic Laboratories

Name Phone Number Plants / Dried License Fresh / Oil License Starting Material for Sale
BC Tweed Joint Venture Inc. Cultivation