Licensed Producers

Below is a list of Health Canada licensed cultivators, processors and sellers of medical cannabis

Getting cannabis from a licensed producer (Government of Canada publication) 

Updated: May 16th, 2019.

Name & Website (linked) Phone Number
0957102 B.C. Ltd.
0989561 B.C. Ltd.
1955625 Ontario Inc. 1-855-420-7887
1961628 Ontario Corporation (o/a Cannalogue)
1998643 Alberta Ltd.
2605837 Ontario Inc.
7 Acres
9354-7537 Quebec Inc.
A B Laboratories 1-800-181-1818
AAA Heidelberg Inc.
Abba Medix Corp.
ABcann Medicinals Inc. 1-855-322-2266
Abide Inc.
Acreage Pharms Ltd.
AgMedica Bioscience Inc. 1.844.247.4633
Agri-Médic ASP Inc.
Agrima Botanicals Corp.
Agripharm Corp. (705) 466-3445
Agro-Greens Natural Products Ltd. (639) 398-2244
Agrotiva Ltd.
Alberta Craft Cannabis Inc.
Alberta Green Biotech Inc. 780-652-0946
Aleafia Farms Inc.
Aphria Inc. 1-844-427-4742
Aqualitas Inc. 1 844 268-2761
ARA – Avanti Rx Analytics Inc.
AtlantiCann Medical Inc.
Atlas Growers Ltd.
Aurora Cannabis Enterprises Inc. 1-844-928-7672
Avana Canada Inc 1-866-586-0690
BC Tweed Joint Venture Inc.
BeeHigh Vital Elements Inc. 709-660-8201
Beleave Kannabis Corp. 1-844-235-3283
Bliss Co Holdings Ltd 1-877-310-2547
Bloom Cultivation Ltd.
Bloomera Inc. 1-855-998-4703
Boaz Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Bold Growth Inc.
Bonify Medical Cannabis 1 844 586 3556
Breathing Green Solutions Inc. 1-833-259-3200
Broken Coast Cannabis Ltd. 1-888-486-7579
Canada\'s Island Garden Inc. 1-844-470-5500
Canadian Clinical Cannabinoids Inc.
Canna Farms Ltd. 1-855-882-0988
Cannacure Corporation
CanniMed Ltd. 1-855-787-1577
CannMart Inc.
CannTrust Inc. 1-855-794-2266
CannTx Life Sciences Inc.
Cansortium Canada
Canveda Inc.
Dalton Chemical Laboratories Inc.
DelShen Therapeutics Corp. 416-639-5891x301
Delta 9 Bio-Tech Inc. 1-855-245-1259
DOJA Cannabis Ltd.
Dosecann LD Inc.
Emblem Cannabis Corp. 1-844-546-3633
Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc. 1-800-757-3536
Emerald Plant Health Source (E.P.H.S) Inc.
Evelyn Acres Ltd.
Evergreen Medicinal Supply Inc. 250 213-9932
Experion Biotechnologies Inc.
Fleurish Cannabis Inc.
Folium Life Science Inc.
Freedom Cannabis Inc. 1-833-733-3661
FV Pharma Inc. (905) 686-7079
Goldleaf Pharm Inc.
Good & Green
Good Buds Company Inc.
Great White North Growers Inc. 1-877-969-8749
Green Relief Inc. 1-855-841-2009
Greenseal Cannabis Company Ltd.
HEXO 1-844-406-1852
High Park Holdings Ltd.
Highland Grow Inc.
Hollyweed Manufacturing & Extracts Inc.
HydRx Farms Ltd. +1 844-493-7922
Indiva Inc.
InPlanta Biotechnology Inc.
IsoCanMed Inc.
James E. Wagner Cultivation Ltd.
Joi Botanicals Ltd.
Kolab Project Inc.
Les Serres Vert Cannabis Inc.
Lotus Ventures Inc.
Lupos (Canada) Biotechnology Inc.
MariCann Inc. 1-844-627-4226
Medcann Health Products Ltd.
Medical Cannabis by Shoppers Drug Mart Inc.
Medical Marihuana Group Corporation 1-844-312-5143
Medical Saints
Medical Organic Inc.
MediPharm Labs Inc.
MedReleaf 1-855-473-5323
Mernova Medicinal Inc.
Miracle Valley Medicinal Alternatives (M.V.M.A) Inc.
Muskoka Grown Limited
Natura Naturals Inc.
Natural Med Company 1-855-628-6337
Nomis Holding Ltd.
Northern Vine Canada Inc.
Northern Green Canada Inc. 905-235-0348
OrganiGram Inc. 1-855-961-9420
Original BC Ltd. 1-800-420-1707
Peace Naturals Project Inc 1-888-647-3223
PhyeinMed Inc.
Potanicals Green Growers Inc. 778-479-2030
Prairie Plant Systems Inc. (306) 975-1207
Pure Sunfarms Canada Corp.
PureSinse Inc.
Purileaf Brands Corporation 1-877-533-2267
Quality Green Inc.
Radicle Medical Marijuana Inc.
Radient Technologies (Cannabis) Inc.
RedeCan Pharm 1-905-892-6788
Robinson\'s Cannabis Incorporated
Royalmax Biotechnology Canada Inc.
Saltspring Island BotaniMed Inc.
Seven Leaf Med.
Speciality Medijuana Products Inc.
Spectrum Cannabis Canada Ltd. 1-844-638-8786
Spot Therapeutics Inc.
Starseed Medicinal Inc. 1-844-756-7333
Sundial Growers Inc. 403-948-5227
SynFine Research Limited
Tantalus Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Teapad Medical Inc. 1-833-800-7779
Terranueva Pharma Corporation
TerrAscend Canada 1-844-976-5223
THC Biomed Ltd. 1.844.842.6337
The Flowr Group (Okanagan) Inc.
The Green Organic Dutchman Ltd. (905) 304-4201
The Higher Care Corporation 416-524-5261
Thrive Cannabis
Tidal Health Solutions Ltd.
Tilray 1-844-845-7291
Toronto Research Chemicals Inc.
Toronto Herbal Remedies Inc.
Tweed Farms Inc.
Tweed Grasslands Cannabis Inc.
Tweed Inc. 1-855-558-9333
United Greeneries Inc. 250-597-0055
UP Cannabis Inc.
Valens Agritech Ltd.
Verdélite Sciences, Inc.
Vert Cannabis Inc.
VIDA Cannabis (Canada) Ltd.
Vintages Organic Cannabis Company Inc.
Viridis Natural Health Products Ltd.
Voyage Cannabis Corp. 1-888-940-5925
We Grow BC Ltd.
WeedMD Rx Inc. 1-844-933-3636
Weed Me Inc.
Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp. 1-604-962-3440
WILL Cannabis Group
Zenabis Ltd. 1855-ZEN-ABIS
Zenalytic Laboratories