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Health Spending Accounts Provincial, Territorial & Fedral Drug Plans Claiming on Your Tax Return

Many healthcare benefits plans cover the cost of medical marijuana through the Health Spending Account (HSA) / Healthcare Spending Account (HCSA) component of the plan.

Some healthcare benefits plans have a health spending account / healthcare spending account (HSA/ HCSA) component. A health spending account allows plan members to be reimbursed for eligible out-of-pocket, health-related expenses that are not covered by their extended health and dental plans.  Medical marijuana is listed as an eligible expense in some company HSAs, HCSAs.  Some HSAs, HCSAs publish a list of eligible expenses.  Contact your plan administrator or your company’s human resources department to check if medical marijuana is considered an eligible medical expense.

The Canada Revenue Agency lists medical marijuana as an eligible medical expense which may be claimed on a tax return.  Click here to be taken to the Canada Revenue Agency website page which deals with medical expenses. Some HSAs, HCSAs base their eligible benefits list on the Canada Revenue Agency List of Eligible Medical Expenses.