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According to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), the Agency has recognized the costs of medical marijuana as an eligible medical expense for almost a decade.

The CRA lists medical marijuana ( and seeds ) as an eligible medical expense which may be claimed on a tax return.  Click here to be taken to the Canada Revenue Agency website page which deals with medical expenses. It lists all eligible medical expenses, how you can claim them, what documentation you need and more.

Please note that for medical marijuana / cannabis expenses to be eligible medical exenses on a tax return , this product has to be purchased from a Licensed Producer by a patient holding a valid medical document from a Canadian physician or nurse practitioner authorized to prescribe.  Invoices and other documentation provided by the Licensed Producer with the delivered product should be retained for tax purposes.

We encourage all patients using marijuana / cannabis for medical purposes to see a physician regarding their use and, if appropriate, obtain a medical document authorizing its use.  Purchasing your medication from a Licensed Producer will allow you to claim these expenses as deductions when you file your tax return.