About Us

This website, MarijuanaMedInfo.ca, provides Canadians with scientific, medical, regulatory, patient support and access information on the medical use of marijuana (marihuana, cannabis).

MarijuanaMedInfo.ca is owned and operated by MarijuanaMedInfo Inc. and OncoConnections Canada Inc.  The companies do not endorse or reccommend the use of medical marijuana nor do they recommend against it.  We aim to assist patients considering the use of medical marijuana and their healthcare professionals, engage in a dialog about its potential benefits and risks by providing pertinent imformation that is in the public domain.  Contact information: info@marijuanamedinfo.ca

Head, Medical Affairs, Peter Anglin MD, FRCPC, MBA

Dr. Anglin obtained his medical degree from Queens University at Kingston and followed this with clinical fellowships in internal medicine, haematology, and medical oncology. He has been in clinical practice for the last 20 years in the Greater Toronto Area, and is a clinical investigator with the National Cancer Institute of Canada. Dr. Anglin completed his MBA through the executive programs of the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, and he has served as a consultant for a number of health-related organizations. Dr. Anglin has a particular interest in patient access challenges to newer and / or unfunded therapies that support cancer treatment and symptom management. He also has ongoing involvement with process design and human resource issues around the out-patient delivery of oncology services. He is active at both the local and provincial levels to improve health outcomes in the Canadian oncology sphere. Dr. Anglin’s areas of clinical expertise include haematologic malignancies (myeloma and lymphoproliferative disorders) as well as lung and GI cancers.

President, Dan Rego

Dan has worked for over 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry in the areas of sales and marketing, product management, new product development and reimbursement.  Prior to this he was involved in research at the University of Toronto and the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.   In 2002, Dan founded Plasmid Biocommunications Inc., a company specializing in prescription drug reimbursement for oncology and other specialty medications, and which created www.DrugCoverage.ca and www.DrugCoverage.org .  In 2009 Plasmid was acquired by Shoppers Drug Mart and Dan became Vice President, Healthcare Services at Shoppers where he worked until forming a consultancy in 2012.