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This website is intended for Canadian residents.  We aim to assist patients and healthcare professionals considering the use of marijuana (cannabis, marihuana) for medical purposes in making an informed desision on its use by providing pertinent scientific, medical, regulatory, access and coverage information.

Governments in Canada and other countries are re-evaluating their policies on marijuana and, in general, are making marijuana for medical use more easily accessible. Increasing awareness of the clinical benefits of medical marijuana and its improved accessibility are resulting in greater numbers of patients asking greater numbers of physicians about adding marijuana to their treatment regimen.  Since marijuana is not approved in Canada (or any other country) for treating any condition, there are no approved usage guidelines.  Unlike other medications, there is no product monograph for marijuana to guide the physician and patient.  Many patients get their information on how to use marijuana, and how much to use, from other patients.  Most physicians have little or no expertise with this medicine and how to establish dosing.  This website allows visitors access to published medical information on the use of marijuana for medical purposes, information on the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations,  the authorization process for patients, the Licensed Producers and the various strains and products available, clinics which have an expertise in using cannabinoids, guidelines and positions of medical colleges on the medicinal use of marijuana, coverage of medical marijuana by insurers and third-party payers and more.  The ‘Select a Disease / Condition’ box allows you to access information on the medical use of marijuana for specific conditions or diseases.  Healthcare practitioners who may authorize the medical use of marijuana are encouraged to review more detailed information and can receive this additional information by Submitting a Request